Being Australia's First Real Food Nutrients Provider

Being Australia's First Real Food Nutrients Provider

Here at VIVO Nue, as your wellness partner, we pride ourselves in “real, wholefoods” products that are 100% plant based. 

In fact, did you know VIVO Nue is Australia's FIRST Real Food Nutrients provider?!

We are also about transparency, and we reflect that not only in the real ingredients we use, but also the clear packaging we create and by providing educational information to empower you on your wellness journey. 

What makes us Australia's First Real Food Nutrients Provider? 

Because we are the first in the Australian health food and supplements market to release protein and food products that are natural flavouring free!

When you see the words “natural flavours” in many food packages these days, chances are many of us will think, “YES!! I can eat these because it is natural, hence it is organic...healthy...good for my body… I am doing the right thing here.”

And we do that because the word “natural” brings up thoughts of nature which in turns gives us notions of real, wholefood, no additives or preservatives - it is just food in its most basic, natural form. 

But… the bad news is that natural flavours or natural flavouring may not actually be as great as we think they are! 

What is natural flavours?

According to the Environmental Working Group, “natural flavours” is actually the fourth most common ingredient used in processed food, behind salt, water and sugar! 

So what does natural flavour or natural flavouring actually mean??

Well this is where it gets confusing, and not clear at all as companies are not required to disclose the ingredients of flavour additives if all components are considered generally as safe by the Food Authorities. 

Essentially this means that “natural flavours” that we think are good for us doesn’t just mean one natural flavour source but also includes added flavour, both natural and artificial and can have anywhere between 50 to 100 ingredients that we have no idea about!

One thing we should also realise about natural flavours is that at some stage they might have started out as coming from a natural source, but by the time it’s in your food there really is not much of a difference between natural and artificial flavouring! 

Because as it turns out, after all of the processing and manufacturing, natural ingredients aren’t much different to artificial ones. 

Is there a difference between natural and artificial flavours? 

According to Environmental Working Group, the largest difference between natural and artificial flavours is that natural flavours comes from natural resources initially before it is purified, extracted and essentially processed and then added back into our food. 

Basically, the difference between natural and artificial flavours is tiny!

So, that’s the bad news… what’s the good news?

Well, firstly, you are now aware of what “natural flavours” is, when you see it on food packaging or labelling you can make an informed decision on what you put into your body.

Secondly, this information can help you seek out clear, transparent packaging for foods that do exist. 

Thirdly, here at VIVO Nue we are always transparent about what goes into your protein and health food products so you know that together with our stockists and partners we are all only about providing Quality, Simplicity and Real Foods. 


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