We’re about breaking perceptions & delivering only the real good stuff!

We live in a world of perceptions! In the health food & supplements industry, the perceptions are about building muscles, looking great on the outside and prioritising flavour above all else. VIVO came into this market in 2014 to break all those perceptions and deliver only real, honest good stuff!

VIVO was started by brothers Ehsan and Salman.

Coming from a science background, Ehsan’s food nutrients research showed that more ingredients means less nutrients, and artificial or so-called popular natural flavourings can be replaced with wholefoods, pure and simple as Mother Nature intended.

With years of IT, sales, FMCG and personal training industry experience, Salman has led and is leading VIVO’s approach through sustainable production and operations, by increasing the benchmark for industry standards when it comes to clean labelling, less is more ingredients, putting people over profit.

VIVO is changing the way we look at how we buy food
and what we put in our bodies!

We do this by delivering:

  • simpler,
  • more transparent and,
  • better quality food nutrients and supplements, like no one else is doing.
So that our customers truly get what they pay for, and our competitors will have no choice but to follow our commitment to authenticity.

We’re here for the long run.
doing things the authentic, honest way!

VIVO is the only Australian wholefoods brand that is free of natural flavouring!

We’re all about:

  • delivering real clean labelling through shortened ingredients list,
  • replacing nasty artificial ingredients with real wholefoods,
  • using simple, safe and biodegradable packaging and,
  • implementing sustainable practices like producing locally in Australia.

Our story

“I really feel for consumers who are yearning to empower themselves to make better choices. I wouldn’t be doing this if I truly didn’t believe there wasn’t a product out there of VIVO’s quality. Try it for yourself, discover the real difference and impact it will make in your everyday wellness.” - Salman Nouri, VIVO Founder

It all began with brothers Salman and Ehsan Nouri.

The duo were working in the food and beverage industry, amassing knowledge and understanding of health, nutrition and proven science towards the unlimited benefits of a plant based diet for people, the environment and all living beings in our planet.

What they say was a barrier to living a healthy and active lifestyle was the many additives, complicated packaging and misleading information that made real, wholefoods inaccessible to many.

In 2014 the brothers decided to change that by taking on the market with VIVO - a protein range that is all natural, hypoallergenic, plant based, raw, easily digestible and most importantly, tasted great!

With their core values of Simplicity, Transparency & Quality, VIVO is leader and educator in plant based wholefoods - pure and simple as nature intended.

This is reinforced through VIVO’s position as Australia’s only real food nutrient based company - free from natural flavourings.

Our Mission

A market leader in providing quality, simple and transparent real food nutrient.

We will achieve this through:

  • delivering food made from honest, simple and authentic ingredients, direct from Mother Nature, catering for all needs and allergens.
  • prioritising quality by carefully choosing the best active plant based ingredients that support an active lifestyle through tissue repair, higher metabolic function and fuel muscle growth, without compromising on a delicious taste,
  • being honest and open in all ways - starting from the cleless an and simple labelling of our products through to our education program that focus on the believe that less is more.

Look at how far we’ve come together!

Today VIVO stocked across Queensland, Victoria and NSW, and internationally in Hong Kong, and soon, United Arab Emirates.

We also have a new keto product range coming out soon to compliments our protein offerings.

Join us in our journey to create “an authentic and caring food industry.”