VIVO is a brand for the people by the people, catering for all needs and allergens


Real wholefoods such as brown rice, yellow peas, coconut, vanilla beans and cocoa used in VIVO foods are gentle for all tummies, tastes delicious & easily digestible.

Wheat, dairy, soy & filler free

VIVO's foods are catering for major needs & allergens! Plant based protein of brown rice and yellow peas used in our foods have less pathogens & is gut friendly.


Plant based foods used in all VIVO foods support immune health, tissue repair and muscle growth. VIVO foods are all about fuelling and supporting your active lifestyles.

People over profit!

Our focus is on “people over profit” - we know that doing what we do is not the easiest or most popular path to success.

But we are ok with that!

Because we want to set the benchmark for quality product so that every one of us our customers gets bang for their buck. 

For us that means giving you real wholefoods with the highest level of nutrients to support your active lifestyles.

We want the industry to wake up!

Our practices - of making nutrition information available in the simplest way, sustainable, ethical sourcing and production and replacing fancy flavours with quality, delicious plant based tastes - is a wake-up call to the food industry to re-examine ingredients, formulations, and processing for contemporary consumers who are increasingly mindful of their food and beverage choices.

We believe that self development, motivation and empowerment comes from being truly healthy!