Meal Prepping Made Easy

Meal Prepping Made Easy

At VIVO Nue, we are all about less is more - we include less ingredients in our premium protein blends - no flavours, emulsifiers or fillers, just real wholefoods, because we believe real ingredients don't need flavouring.

Our approach is uncomplicated. It's our philosophy, which also transfers to many aspects of the way we conduct our business and the way we support our own health and nutrition.

Meal prepping is one approach we've adopted that's from a 'less is more' perspective. It is one of those tasks that helps us stay organised and focussed during our busy working weeks. It gives us more time during the week, we don't have to worry about meal times after a long day in the office and it helps us maintain our healthy eating habits.

Follow our top tips for successful meal prepping for a 'less is more' approach to your working week:

- Create a full week's meal plan, shop for fresh fruit and vegetables and other pantry staples and set aside a few hours on a Sunday evening to meal prep breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus snacks for the week ahead. Not only will your dinner meals be ready during the week, you will ultimately save time and money - no sneaky takeaways mid week when you don't feel like cooking and you won't have to worry about running out of time in the morning to make lunch before your commute to work.

- Variety is key. Your meals don't have to be all the same - for example, try making a large batch of a dish that can be frozen into individual meal sizes - that way you can enjoy it over a few weeks rather than all at once. Vegetable curries and soups are a great meal idea that can be frozen.

- It's important to add a source of protein to your meals and snacks. Here's some ideas to help you add some extra protein to your meal prep:

Add our Vanilla Creme or Coco Bliss to your chia pudding or overnight oats for breakfast. Our Au Naturel mixed into hummus for a mid morning snack is also delicious.

Prepare protein balls by adding a scoop of one of our delicious premium protein blends.

Add Au Naturel to your favourite curry sauce recipe.

Try any of our flavours mixed into a bowl of unsweetened coconut yoghurt with fresh fruit.

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