Meet one of VIVO'S active and inspirational mum's - Darsha!

Meet one of VIVO'S active and inspirational mum's - Darsha!

Mother’s Day is now only 5 days away and we are so grateful that the COVID-19 restrictions in Australia are on a positive upturn. If you live in Australia and want to know exactly what you’re allowed to do this Mother’s Day weekend, here’s a great resource to check the latest updates! Here in Queensland, we are happy for the opportunity to have a family picnic (with family members we live with), enjoy a little bit of sunshine and celebrate our mum’s this weekend! 

Last week we published an interview with Stacey, aka @bubbly_stace, on what inspired her to be an active mum, her top 3 tips for other mums wanting to lead healthy lifestyles and her go-to VIVO smoothie recipe! This week's active mum inspo is @darsha.mia. Darsha is a Brisbane based mumma, who not only inspires us to lead an active, healthy lifestyle but is also an author, speaker, emotional intelligence & resilience coach, a coach and manager at @cftorian and a domestic violence advocate! Wow, talk about multi-tasking and being a boss-mum!

VIVO: What has inspired you to be an active, healthy mum?

Darsha: I grew up in an environment of family domestic violence which came with an emotionally disconnected relationship with my parents. I didn’t want this experience when I had my own children. I used fitness as a coping mechanism to deal with home life and this has carried on throughout my whole life. Being active has helped me break the cycle of domestic violence and is one of the key reasons I have been able to have a loving and connected relationship with my daughter. Now, that she’s here with me, she has me to look up to. Not only will she see what I’ve overcome but she’ll also see the impact exercise has on our mind, body and soul - this is what inspires me daily.

What are your top 3 tips for other mums wanting to lead more active lifestyles?

1. Find a mum buddy who can help keep you accountable and motivated.

2. Define your definition of ‘being active/exercise’ sometimes we put pressure on ourselves to exercise hard for 1 hour where it can be as simple as 10mins a day - so get clear on what ‘active’ means to you.

3. Get the kids involved rather than feeling you don’t have the “time” - take them for a walk, get them squatting with you..whatever it is you’re doing, get them involved. They’ll love it and so will you

What’s your go-to VIVO protein smoothie recipe?

Go to smoothie: ‘Choc-nut’

150-200ml almond milk (or coconut water)

1 frozen banana

1 scoop vivo coco bliss choc protein

1 tablespoon peanut butter

*cacao nibs sprinkled on the top*


We hope you all stay safe this weekend and let mum know how special she is to you 💚

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