Sharing the love for VIVO's active mums!

Sharing the love for VIVO's active mums!

We are sharing the love for the mum's who support us most in the week leading up to Mother's Day by interviewing them on what inspired them to be active mums, their top 3 tips for other mums wanting to lead healthy lifestyles and their go-to VIVO smoothie recipe! 

Introducing Stacey from @bubbly_stace and @thechieflife, a boss-mum who inspires us to be healthy, active and wholesome!

1. What has inspired you to be an active, healthy mum?

I want to be an active and healthy mum to be a good role model for my little one but also to be able to have the energy to play with her and be present with her each day. She keeps me young but I know staying active and healthy will also help me to stay young and keep up with her.

2. Your top 3 tips for other mums wanting to lead more active lifestyles?

- Get outside for a walk in the morning with your little one (so good for resetting circadian rhythm, vitamin D exposure, exercise and nature time!)...

- Next would be to think of things you love doing, like dancing for example! I love dancing around the house with my baby listening to music and having fun! Being active doesn’t have to be “planned” exercise.

- And another would be to make sure you find something that is also calming and restful, as being a mum can really take it out of you, it’s so great to do something that tops you back up! For me this is yoga but it could be having a bath or getting a massage, it’s so important to look after your body, especially if you want to stay active!

3. Your go-to smoothie recipe with VIVO’s proteins?

Hands down my fave smoothie recipe is very simply a scoop of cocobliss Vivo nue with a frozen banana and a spoon of crunchy dark roasted peanut butter! It’s AMAZING! A tiny bit of water but I love it super think and end up eating it with a spoon 🥄 haha, so good!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing Mamas out there 👶🏼❤️🥰🙏🏽😍😘


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