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Take FIVE with VIVO Tribe Member, Mel Falconer

Take FIVE with VIVO Tribe Member, Mel Falconer

We LOVE our VIVO Tribe!

After all, it is through our tribe that we have been able to share our passion and Vision for a more authentic and caring food industry.

So, today we took 5 to chat to Mel Falconer, a VIVO Tribe Member to see why she's part of the movement for real, whole foods.

VIVO: Thanks for having a chat with us Mel. Are you able to let us know why you started using VIVO in your life?

Mel: I am a 32 yes old mum of 2, 6.5 yrs old boy and 4 yr old girl.
After the birth of my son in dec 2013 I was diagnosed with MS. Optic neuritis was my main symptom which mostly effect me when I get hot, it’s like my vision gets pixelated. It’s was a very hard diagnosis for me and my family. Not long after I joined the gym, more of something I could do for myself, something I felt like I was in control of.

The improvements in my fitness has made my symptoms more bearable but I do find that I can’t focus that well on faces when I’m in the middle or a workout, along with this I also looked at changing my diet and to having a more natural type of protein with less additives.

I am on some good medications and my MRI scans since my initial diagnosis have been good
VIVO:  What were your first impressions of VIVO Nue? 

Mel: It tasted delicious and bonus it was a plant based protein powder (in the past whey protein has not been so good for my digestion and I never stuck with them).

VIVO: What did you want to achieve with your choice of plant based protein? 

Mel: I wanted to live a cleaner lifestyle, plant based protein was an option I looked into. My brother actually told me about the protein and gave me a sample, I have been hooked ever since. Coco bliss is my favourite!

VIVO: What have been the benefits you see / gained from having VIVO Nue in your life?

Mel: I have incorporated vivo into my everyday life. I enjoy having it after a workout or just as a mid afternoon snack with a banana. Recently I have stepped up my training at the gym and have lost nearly 10kgs in 2019

VIVO: What's your favourite way of having VIVO Nue?

Mel: Most days I just have it with ice and water but occasionally will have it with a banana and almond milk and ice in a smoothie. 

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