VIVO Nails Giant Retail Deal with Costco

VIVO Nails Giant Retail Deal with Costco

VIVO Nue - a Brisbane based wholefoods company - is revolutionising the protein and nutrition industry with its “less is more” philosophy, clean labelling approach and commitment to real nutrients, making them Australia’s first food brand to be free of natural flavourings.

This approach and product differentiator has given VIVO Nue the market edge it needs, having recently signed a national deal with supermarket giant, Costco, in Australia.

VIVO has also obtained a distribution network in Hong Kong and Singapore, and soon, a countrywide partnership with the Organic Food and Cafe chains in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

Salman Nouri, Founder and CEO of VIVO Nue, commented that the interest in his plant based protein and wholefoods is indicative of the global movement towards being informed to live cleaner and well. 

“Five years ago when I came up with the concept of selling plant based proteins, friends, industry people and even family members were worried about where I wanted VIVO to go,” said Salman. 

“But after having worked myself in the FMCG sector and realising that there are many brands who use nasty additives and employ tactics such as complicated labelling and misleading features such as ‘natural flavouring,’ I wanted to turn the industry on its head.”

“This was also about the same time that veganism started to become more widely accepted and I quickly saw that people everywhere, through better food, environment and medical knowledge, were identifying what’s best for their bodies.” 

With 2018 statistics from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicating that over four billion people worldwide - more than half the global population - have adopted a plant based diet, Salman’s intuition and brand approach is certainly hitting the mark.

However, Salman indicated that despite VIVO’s new found success, the brand will always, first and foremost, be about people over profit. 

“VIVO’s promise is all about understanding our customers’ changing needs, and empowering and supporting their wellness journey,” said Salman.

“For us, that promise sees us delivering simplicity, quality and transparency in all our products.”

“We do this through setting an industry benchmark on what our clear and easy package labelling looks like, in the use of five or less ingredients in all our products, and ingredients that you can easily pronounce.”

“Lastly, putting people first is all about recognising people’s diverse dietary needs and then delivering products that caters for everyone’s dietary needs - vegan, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, tummy friendly.”

VIVO’s next steps are on increasing their product offerings, based on a recent research activity conducted with their customers, and continuing their market expansion across central and western Australia, before hitting the US and Europe. 


VIVO Nue invites stores and wholesalers interested in trialling our real wholefoods nutrients to get in touch via this form:

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