Apple Molasses Oats

Apple Molasses Oats

Easy to assemble and mix together oats is our favourite way to start the day! 

Which is why we LOVE this delicious and easy to make recipe from Candy of @nourishandflourishsyd to start our day on a good front.

Enjoy VIVO Tribe.


1 cup rolled oats @ceresorganics 
1 cup water
1 cup soy milk
2 tbsp protein powder (Au Naturel @vivonue )
1 tbsp blackstrap molasses @organictimes 
1 tsp sweetener of choice @rawearthsweetener 
Half an apple, finely diced, plus more for toppings 
1 tsp ground ginger @simplyorganicfoods 
Pinch of nutmeg


1. Make the oats by adding oats, water, soy milk, molasses, sweetener and VIO Protein. 

2. Once done, arrange in a bowl with other ingredients and serve. 

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