Weis Bar Inspired Cheesecake (VG,GF, RSF, No Bake)

Weis Bar Inspired Cheesecake (VG,GF, RSF, No Bake)

Our recipe developer Hannah Edwards has done it again!! 

A Weis Bar inspired cheesecake that is gluten free, vegan and requires no baking but tastes amazing is our kind of recipe share.

Here it is for you enjoy VIVO Tribe.

For the Base:
▪️35g Oat Flour
▪️30g Coconut Flour
▪️15g VIVO Au Naturel Protein Powder 
▪️25g Peanut Butter
▪️10g Ground Flaxseed
▪️75g Almond Milk
For the Coconut Layer:
▪️75g Cashews (soaked overnight in water)
▪️50g Chilled Coconut Cream
▪️20g Coconut Flour
▪️20g Coconut Oil
▪️35g Passionfruit Pulp
For The Mango Layer:
▪️1/3 of Coconut Mixture
▪️75g Diced Mango
▪️20g Passionfruit Pulp
▪️Pinch of Turmeric (to enhance the colour)
1. Mix all base ingredients together and press firmly into a lined tray and put in the fridge to set.
2. Mix the ingredients for the coconut layer and pour 2/3 of the mixture on top of the base. Put in freezer to set.
3. Mix together the remainder of the coconut mixture with the ingredients for the mango layer. Pour over the coconut layer.
4. Allow to set in the freezer for at least 2 hours before cutting into slices. Can either be eaten from frozen or left in the fridge to soften

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