Corona Chaos, Cautions & Quarantine Tips:

Corona Chaos, Cautions & Quarantine Tips:

The talk of the town… I mean Globe, COVID-19. No, we are not going to tell you to wash your hands and do the ‘elbow’ shake, we trust the media has already set those alarm bells off and you're in full swing of #socialdistancing. Although we don’t disagree, hygiene and extra care in times like these is a top priority! We do however, have a couple other suggestions to help you stay safe and healthy in these turbulent times. 

Here are 3 actionable tips to avoid the coronavirus:

Shop Online

Now, usually we try to curb our online shopping habits. However, with the current federal Government of Australia placing bans on gathering of over 500 people (possibly soon to be 100), we think online shopping is one of the greatest solutions of the 21st century. This doesn’t mean browsing your instagram feed and clicking on your favourite clothing stores, we’re talking grocery shopping! Stock up on the good stuff to fuel your body the right way… without having to leave your abode. Here are some online grocery store options - Hello Fresh,  Woolworths Australia, Coles Australia, Market Organics (Brisbane only).

Extra vitamins are a must, but don’t just forget about Real Food Fuel

Instead of overdosing on vitamin C tablets, add in extra immune boosting and antioxidant rich fruits, vegetables and superfoods! We won’t say forget the vitamins altogether, but maybe take it easy on the vitamin C tablets and have a ‘multivitamin’ smoothie for breakfast or health shot instead of your morning coffee. See our go to immune boosting shot below or try our multivitamin smoothie recipe shown in our highlights on instagram!

Take time offline to de-stress

This one may sound counter intuitive. While we are advocates for staying informed, don’t overdose on your online activity. As there are many conflicting messages going around, with high tension and uncertainty, you may feel more anxious or stressed. This is a big no no if you want your immune system to be functioning at full pelt. Why? According to the Cleveland Clinic, long periods of stress decrease the body’s lymphocytes which are the white blood cells that assist in fighting infection. As well as that, stress causes the inflammation in our bodies to rise, resulting in an over stimulated immune system which may not work to the best of its ability when it does come into contact with a virus. Sign up to our email list as we will be sending out our favourite ways to de-stress at home this week. 


Immune boosting health shot: 


  • 1 whole lemon

  • 1 inch of fresh ginger (peeled) (or 1tbsp of organic ginger juice)

  • 1 inch of fresh turmeric (or 1tbsp of organic ginger juice)

  • 1 clove of garlic 

  • Pinch cayenne pepper 


If you have a juicer at home: 

  • Juice the lemon, ginger, turmeric and garlic. 
  • Add cayenne pepper, stir and drink up

No juicer option:

  • Substitute fresh ginger for 1tbsp of organic ginger juice, substitute the fresh turmeric for ½ tsp of organic turmeric powder, substitute the garlic for ½ tsp of minced garlic and hand squeeze 1 the juice of 1 lemon
  • Mix all ingredients together and bottoms up!


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