How are we "clean labelling" at VIVO?

How are we "clean labelling" at VIVO?

One of the reasons why VIVO is proudly Australia’s first real food nutrients company is because we are innovating the way food is made and provided to you. 

With Simplicity, Quality and Transparency. 

Our products are all natural flavouring free, we place “People over Profit,” our Vision is on a caring and authentic food industry and we also practice clean labelling!

What is clean labelling?

It can be difficult to clearly define what clean label is! A Decision Analyst survey shows that nearly 60% of the respondents are aware of “clean label” products but do not fully understand the exact meaning.

Here’s one definition that we like from Consumer Goods:

“...clean label often refers to the number of ingredients in a product and their countries of origin. Consumers are paying more attention to the label, list of ingredients, nutritional value and claims. This concept also includes if the supply chain follows ethical rules, and if a company is socially responsible. Therefore, clean label encompasses a broad range of concepts from transparency, all-natural, organic, non-GMO, free-form to locally grown.”

What does clean labelling look like?

Shorter ingredients list!

Consumers see products with shorter ingredients list as “cleaner.” Go simple and real like Mother Nature intended. 

Clean labelling has reinforced the demand for simplicity and higher quality ingredients. Artificial ingredients, like artificial and so called natural flavors, are not popular among consumers who are looking for clean label products. 

Here are some examples of natural ingredients in our VIVO protein:

  • Stevia (which we use in our VIVO protein) and agave are both natural alternatives to refined and artificial sugars. 
  • Brown rice and yellow peas are both suppliers of protein natural antioxidants that our bodies cannot naturally produce but need for muscle repair, strengthening our immune system and balancing our metabolic rate!

  • Real Vanilla Beans is evident in our Vanilla Creme, which you can even see in your favourite shakes or drinks.

Simple and clear packaging

At VIVO we do this through safer packaging and also clear icons or words to describe the qualities of our products, such as Gluten Free, GMO Free, Dairy Free, Tummy Friendly, Biodigestible and more! 

Implement sustainable practices 

As part of our commitment to Simplicity, Transparency and Quality, we implement sustainable practices such as biodegradable packaging and having all our products proudly made in Australia! 

Here are just some ways we are keeping our promise of clean labelling. What else would you like to see improve in food labelling?

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